Encouraging leadership at your auto shop


If you have an auto shop, you need to have a top notch team. You need a team that you can depend on because there’s a lot of work to be done. So maybe you’re looking to encourage your employees to be leaders at your auto repair shop and take a bit of ownership over their jobs. You want to help your team reach their full potential. There are a few ways you can promote leadership at your auto body shop. Here are some tips.

Creating leadership at your auto shop.

1. Be someone the team can look up to.

First of all, it’s important to be a leader your team can look up to. Mentor your employees and invest in your employees so you can build a strong team that can help support your repair shop. You have to listen to your employees and meet with team regularly. You need to teach your employees and let them learn. Yes, they might have a goof or two, but that’s part of learning. And when you can, delegate to your team. Let them take on some responsibility.

2. Show your employees the recognition they’re due.

It’s also a good idea to show your employees that you appreciate them and all the hard work they do. Working at an auto shop is demanding, and your team should know that you recognize what they do for your business. So, do some thinking. Is there something you can do to show your employees that you appreciate them? Maybe bringing coffee and bagels for breakfast or getting milkshakes for everyone! Think of something fun that you can do for your team to show that you care.

3. Train and teach your team.

As we mentioned earlier, investing in your team is crucial. You have to take the time to train and teach your employees. Give them opportunities to grow their knowledge. If your team is learning and developing their skills, they’re going to be able to grow at your business. And that’s a good thing for everyone – your employees, your auto shop.

4. Make feedback a thing.

When it comes to feedback, remember to make it actually helpful. There’s a reason it’s called “constructive”. It should always be helpful, and you should give potential solutions. And keep in mind that feedback should also be a regular thing. Give both positive and constructive feedback.

5. Build a positive work environment.

Having a positive energy at your workplace can not only boost your workers’ productivity. It can, quite simply, make your auto body shop a great place to work. People need to feel comfortable in the workplace so they can share their ideas – and become leaders in their jobs. To help boost morale at your auto shop, be sure to listen to your team. Appreciate your employees. Bring treats, do spontaneous nice things for them to say thank you. Celebrate accomplishments. All in all, do your best to create a positive workplace.

6. Be okay with asking questions.

As a leader, you have to be okay with accepting that no one, including you, knows everything. So that means you have to ask questions sometimes. Asking questions shows that you’re willing to keep learning, too. (And it can help your employees gain confidence because they’ll see that it’s okay if they don’t know everything, either.) Asking questions is great.

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