General liability for auto repair shops

We can help you get general liability for your auto shop.

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We can help with general liability insurance.

Your auto repair shop has a lot of risks to handle every day, and one of those is that you welcome customers onto your premises. And since you have guests coming onto your business’s property, general liability is an important coverage to consider.

But you might have a few questions about general liability, not the least of which is, well, what does general liability do? You might also be wondering how to get general liability for an auto shop and how much it costs. 

We can help you get general liability for a(n)...

  • Collision repair shop

  • Car wash

  • Mechanic’s shop

  • Auto paint shop

  • Auto detailing shop

  • Auto glass repair business

  • Transmission repair business

  • Brake installation/repair shop

  • Oil change facility

  • Emissions testing location

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What does general liability insurance do?

General liability is a really important coverage for any business, but why? What’s the fuss? It can help you cover claims of bodily injury or property damage from a guest or customer. (For example, if someone has a nasty trip and fall incident and ends up getting hurt.) It can help you out if you end up with a lawsuit on your hands. These types of incidents can end up being very expensive for businesses, which is why it’s important to have the proper liability insurance to protect your business. That insurance can help your business recover from such a thing.

How much does general liability insurance cost?

If you’re wondering how much general liability insurance costs, that’s a very reasonable thing. You’re running an auto shop, and you need to have an idea of the expenses you’re going to face in running your business. So, your question is how much does auto repair shop insurance cost? But insurance rates depend on a lot of factors. The best way to find out how much your insurance will cost is to get quotes. Our team can help you get insurance quotes for your auto repair shop. 

How to get general liability insurance for your auto shop.

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Get in touch with our team to let us know that you’re looking for auto shop insurance. We’ll chat with you about your auto shop and your insurance. 

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Get quotes for general liability insurance for your auto shop.

It might sound really daunting to get auto shop insurance quotes. But like we mentioned, we’re really determined to make insurance as easy as possible. We want to help people get the insurance they need at a great rate. There are different ways that you can get started with your quotes - you can fill out our form, give us a call, or message us and we’ll be happy to help with your insurance needs.